Local Dutch-Belgian Full Service Consultancy

While marketing authorization became more and more centralized, we envisioned that market access would follow the same path. Although HTA bodies are exchanging assessments or cooperating in common assessments, Health Authorities in each country decide individually based on their local regulations, policies, framework, social values and available health care budget.

For success and local implementation, local specialists are needed. The local country specific aspects need to be understood to achieve market access and to implement the actual marketing of the medicines within local stakeholder systems.

Our Dutch-Belgian Group consists of a diversity of partners involved in the local Dutch-Belgian market access chain, varying from pharmaceutical development, registration, reimbursement procedures, stakeholder management (early access programs – marketing support after marketing authorization), economic evaluation, budget impact models, interim distribution of medicines and pharmacovigilance.

On demand, our clients make use of these market access chain options. The Dutch-Belgian Group also enables easy switching to additional services without losing time and effort in seeking the right consultancy partner.

We know upfront the quality and performance of our partners. Our partners are reliable, have vast experience and have similar thorough, client-oriented approaches in their project performances.

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Recent Cooperations

A strategic analysis was coordinated for the Netherlands and Belgium on a new type of medicine, an ATMP.

Efficient reimbursement-dossier-writing for the Netherlands and Belgium by discounting overlapping work.