It takes a crisis to book progress

10 October 2022

Last week, DADA attended the World Drug Safety Congress Europe from 27 -29 September in the Congress Center RAI in Amsterdam.

DADA’s pharmacovigilance management team – Managing partner and Director PV Angela van der Salm and Senior Managers PV Gaby Beckers and Andrea van Poppel-Rosier had the pleasure to attend multiple interesting sessions and round tables covering a variety of PV (hot) topics.

It was especially nice to meet old friends in person again and making new contacts in real life.

During this congress, it was all about automation and digitalization efforts in Pharmacovigilance. The COVID pandemic forced vaccine producing companies to process an unprecedented amount of safety data related to their vaccines, which was only possible by innovative automation efforts and digital solutions.

In many pharmacovigilance areas, such as case processing, literature screening and signal management; automation and digitalization are gaining momentum. It was stressed how important it is that PV data have good quality, to quote one of the speakers: “Good data drive good decisions”.

It was emphasized that the human assessment and engagement remains critical for compliant and high-quality pharmacovigilance activities. We were reminded that this is also reflected in GVP module I as one of the principles of good pharmacovigilance practice:

  • All persons within the organisation should be involved in and support the pharmacovigilance system on the basis of task ownership and responsibility in a degree according to their tasks and assigned responsibilities.
  • All persons involved with the entire organisation should engage in continuous quality improvement following the quality cycle.

Inspired and with a notebook full of ideas and suggestions, we look back at a successful conference.

Should you have been in Amsterdam but did not manage to catch us, and you have questions about what DADA can do for you? Do not hesitate to send us an email or contact one of us via LinkedIn!