fit for the future

June 26, 2020

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Is DADA fit for the future?


During the original brainstorming session for this project with Michiel, we were discussing how to present DADA to the world in three blog entries.


Yes, initially, when Vasil and I spoke a few weeks ago, it was about how things were at our home offices, the coronavirus impact on work and family. Quite naturally, the conversation flowed into why we joined DADA, and what made us stay with DADA.


A natural division of the assignment into 3 parts was to discuss the Past, the Present and the Future of DADA and to try to answer these questions. For ourselves, but also for the people reading – our current and potential clients and employees.


So here we are at the third one: the future! The future is shaped by all of us. So, as the DADA ways are, we asked our colleagues what they think is key to DADA’s character, and what make us “fit for future”.

What do you consider as DADA’s core strengths?


The most reoccurring theme was the family-like feeling within the team, in addition to eagerness to develop and learn.

Chun Fung (pharmacovigilance associate):

“Over the a-bit-more-than 9 years since I joined DADA, the number of colleagues grew from 12 to now 40 people! To see the organisation grow and to hear colleagues being happy with their job is just another confirmation that I am in a great company which is open for new ideas and discussions.”

Joanna (managing partner, director quality and regulatory affairs):

“We respect each other, we are all different but this is the strength of our team. Because we have different opinions, different experiences, different talents, we can look at a problem from different angles. This makes us better consultants.”


All that diversity is nice! I personally like the fact we speak at least 10 languages at DADA. Let alone the diversity of our cultural backgrounds.

Angela (managing partner, director pharmacovigilance):

“I like to be part of a team that is more than just colleagues, one that even in these digital e-working-times keeps the sense of being a family.”

Linda (senior consultant pharmacovigilance):

“At DADA, you are a person and not a number. You get a lot of room for your personal development. Everyone is very accessible and open minded – it really feels like a second family!”


What struck me from the feedback we got, is that the personal views Vasil and me expressed before, are recognized by so many. And not only by our colleagues, we also received a lot of likes and thumbs up to our blogs on Linkedin from outsiders.

For example, Judith Caanen, who runs an executive coaching business. DADA’s management team has been consulting Judith’s Development Room for 18 years (talking about long-term partnerships there!).

Judith (executive coach & teamcoach, Development Room):

“DADA is always loyal to its values and integrity, really invests in long term relationships. Not only with their employees, offering them opportunities to grow on a professional and personal level, but also in external partners like myself.”


That makes me remember that we celebrated a 25-year employment last year. And the last time we had a goodbye dinner was almost two years ago.

What do you feel is crucial to DADA’s future and where DADA is heading?

Sjeng (managing director):

“It is crucial for DADA’s future that we stay eager to learn and develop. This is not only related to the services that we are offering but also to the way we organize our daily work. Needless to say, the latter has become more evident due to the COVID-19 situation.”


“DADA is growing organically. You know, in a natural way, by adapting to changes and challenges of the more and more regulated pharmaceutical environment. Our services as well as our expertise areas are growing also due to scientific and technological progress which is becoming faster and faster nowadays. So, I hope we can keep learning new things and we keep enjoying learning.”

Giovanni (junior consultant pharmacovigilance):

“I think it is important to stay true to the company values, building even stronger relationships with our clients and keeping up to date with the PV and RA regulations.”


I am convinced that by giving employees authority, accountability and mastery, what you get is an environment that benefits everyone. Not just us, the employees, but our clients, our network and the patients as well.


“Keep reinventing the company in a way that fits true to both size and ambition, connectivity and values. Because the values of Dada have proven to build a strong company and network, they form the foundation for a successful future!”

Chun Fung:

“I’m really proud to reach my 10-year anniversary in 2021 and confident that my work at DADA keeps me motivated and engaged for many more years.”


So, Michiel, how do we conclude this improvised interview? It seems that everyone we talked to was in unison about what makes us a great team: family-like, open-minded, curious and eager to learn. And that the client is always our main focus.


What that tells me, is that DADA is a very nice place to work!


That’s fit for the future!