Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR) assessment according ICH-M7

DADA Consultancy carries out database and literature searches for carcinogenicity and bacterial mutagenicity data, computational toxicology assessment by two complimentary (Q)SAR prediction methodologies (one expert-rule and one statistical-based) for bacterial mutagenicity and expert analysis including read-across all according ICH-M7.

Phase 1 Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA)

DADA Consultancy carries out the Phase 1 ERA risk assessment and Phase 1 PBT (Persistent, Bioaccumulative and Toxic) risk assessment according current guidelines and helps you avoid costly Phase 2 ERA risk assessment.

Health based exposure limits (HBEL)

DADA Consultancy carries out the evaluation of all available pharmacological and toxicological data, and in concordance with ICH guidelines, constitutes a permitted daily exposure (PDE) report including a clear scientific rationale.

Derived threshold values can be used as a risk identification tool and can also be used to justify carry over limits used in cleaning validation.

Early Access programs

DADA has experience in planning and applying for Early Access Program authorisations in the BeNeLux. These programs ensure access of clinical trial participants to their successful treatment after finalisation of the clinical trial until marketing of the drug, the compassionate availability of the medicine after MA application but before commercialisation and supply on a per-named-patient basis of medicines without an MA in the concerned countries.



Pharmaceutical promotion and compliance

The promotion of pharmaceutical products is strictly regulated on a national level. DADA provides compliance control of promotional activities in the BeNeLux, and as such acts as a Scientific Service. The compliance review is conducted as per the applicable legislation or self-regulation; BeNeLux laws and Codes of Conduct, where necessary complemented by the EFPIA Code or EU Directive.

This tailored service helps you obtain the required compliance of your promotional activities. We have experience in dealing with the full spectrum of promotion; from written advertising to financial inducements, from prescription-only pharmaceuticals to OTC, and from innovator drugs to generics. DADA’s dedicated and qualified team supports you with obtaining high quality, accurate and compliant promotional activities.

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